New infographic shows Simian Flu update in pictures, numbers and bananas

Hard to believe but it has now been a month since we released the Simian Flu update for Plague Inc. in partnership with 20th Century Fox and Dawn of the Planet of the Apes! (original announcement)

The update was a massive success and I'm incredibly proud of it - I believe that it is the best movie/game partnership ever!  There is a perfect narrative synergy between Plague Inc. and Dawn of the Planet of the Apes and the Simian Flu update uses this to significantly expand Plague Inc. - adding substantial new gameplay and creating a unique player experience.

To celebrate - we have made an infographic to highlight some of the cool stats from the update in the last month e.g 
  • Over 10 million Simian Flu games played
  • You could eat 2.1 trillion bananas in the time people have spent playing the Simian Flu
  • Players created over 22 million Ape Colonies
  • And much more...

The infographic is below and you can also download it here (Simian Flu Infographic)


Simian Flu Update Presskit (including Screenshots and Localised Promotional Graphics)

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