Plague Inc.'s 2013 Report Card

What a year Plague Inc. and Ndemic Creations have had! (I know I said it last year but I really need to say it this year as well :P)
Thanks to the support of millions of players all over the world - Plague Inc. has well and truly managed to infect the world - almost 0.3% of the global population so far! In this report card - I will look at what happened in 2013, review how Plague Inc. has done and discuss my plans for 2014.

Interesting things in 2013:

How did Plague Inc. do:

Incredibly, Plague Inc. managed to do even better than last year. This was very unexpected as usually games do best in their first year - thanks to everyone who made this happen.
Over the whole of the year, Plague Inc. was one of the highest charting games of 2013 worldwide:
  • 5th most popular paid app in the USA and Japan
  • 2nd most popular paid app in South Korea and Germany
  • One of the top ten most popular paid games in the UK, France, Russia, Canada and Australia (and many other countries)
The Android version also did very well on Google Play but they don't release specific numbers!

I am immensely proud of these numbers. These rankings are not picked, they can't be influenced or manipulated. These rankings are hard, absolute facts, driven from millions and millions of people voting with their time and money. The fact that so many people have chosen to enjoy Plague Inc. is both humbling and incredibly rewarding.
These numbers also show that people want more Plague Inc. in the future - which neatly leads onto my future plans...

Future plans:

I am really, really excited for 2014 as have some incredibly cool stuff planned - if you like Plague Inc. and intelligent, sophisticated games - you should be excited too :P
Sneak preview of plans:
  • Add Chinese + other languages to Plague Inc.
  • Add new scenarios to Plague Inc. (secret)
  • Add new plague types to Plague Inc. (also secret)
  • Bring Plague Inc. to other platforms (very secret)
  • Do New Stuff (top secret)
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