Plague Inc: Evolved updated with the Neurax Worm

It's only been a week since Plague Inc: Evolved started infecting Steam via Early Access and now major Evolution 2 (Early Access update 0.5.5) is live! It adds the mind-controlling Neurax Worm - an invasive organism that burrows into the brain of its host to control them! 

The Neurax Worm is a brand new plague type with new graphics, music, events, and victory conditions - requiring  very different strategies. Living deep in the jungle for thousands of years, human advancement into its natural habitat has brought it into contact with humans for the first time and given it the means to spread...

The update also includes a number of fixes, tweaks and additions - see below for more.

You can get Plague Inc: Evolved here - but remember it is still in Early Access

Key changes:

  • Neurax Worm added
  • Added FPS lock for high spec computers (will fix overheating)
  • Fixed - Tabbing in and out of game causes gpu issues
  • Improved texture management for game (related to tabbing in/out game)
  • Win a game on Normal (or higher) to unlock the next plague type. Win all types on Brutal (or higher) to unlock the cheat plagues
  • Text fixes for a number of event messages.
  • General performance improvements
  • More difference between evolved and available to evolve icons

Full change log in our (new) forum

Assuming Direct Control...

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