New DLC - Dollars & Disasters - Out Now for Rebel Inc: Escalation

Rebel Inc.'s explosive new expansion! Survive an erupting volcano in Devil's Peak, burn through money with The Billionaire, enhance your tactics with new Special Advisors and explore exciting new Official Scenarios.

New Region! - Devil's Peak

Devil's Peak, a giant volcano, is erupting and the region is counting on you to save as many people as possible! Defeat an insurgency with lava hot on your heels.
You'll be fighting to stabilise Devil's Peak but zones are under constant threat from devastating destructive forces, at any moment they could explode! Manage evacuations, travel restrictions, scientific expeditions and more in this explosive new region.

Read the Travel Alert here.

New Governor! - The Billionaire

After bragging he could sort this situation out himself, he's putting his money where his mouth is. The Billionaire is ready to bring peace to every region! Bribe insurgents, invest funds, bring in your own charity and throw money at every problem that appears.

Read the tell-all interview with the Billionaire here.

Special Advisors

Hire powerful new advisors for your operation, they'll provide incredible benefits but demand a high salary! From ministers, to engineers and even drone controlling robots, with 18 new advisors you'll have more tactical options than ever.

Read about the hiring options here.


Things are heating up in the world of the Official Scenarios too with vicious droughts, magical lamps and deadly outbreaks, can you prevail in these disastrous times?

The Airlift

Insurgents have cut off access to Mountain Pass! With no way to break through, aircraft around the world have been mobilised to fly in everything the Operation needs.

Await Airdrops, choose supplies carefully and defeat the blockade.

Orbital Uplink

The Satellite Commander, a woman of the future, dislikes traditional intelligence gathering, preferring to use a powerful (and expensive) network of spy satellites that provide permanent intel on scanned zones.

Gather intel zone-by-zone and upgrade the satellites to get the ultimate view of a region.

The Great Droughts

Extreme weather is causing the rivers to regularly dry up in Pistachio Forest.

During droughts, dry river beds can be crossed by Insurgents and Operation forces without restriction. The heat is on...

The Genie's Curse

Some say the desert harbours ancient and powerful relics, granting wishes at a terrible cost... Hunt for the magic lamps before they can be used by the Insurgency.

Can you become all-powerful? Or will you be cursed for eternity?

Before the Storm

Scientists are concerned about reports of seismic activity on a fault line which leads to a volcano. Geological survey teams have been dispatched to ascertain what's happening.

Gather geological data with science teams while fending off the Insurgents to discover what's coming...

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