Rebel Inc. Escalation now out of Early Access!

Ndemic Creations is pleased to announce after two years in Early Access, Rebel Inc: Escalation 1.0 is out!

Rebel Inc: Escalation is a unique and deeply engaging political/military strategic simulation. The war is ‘over’ - but we all know that doesn't mean anything. In order to stabilise a war-torn country, you need to balance competing military and civilian priorities to win the hearts and minds of the people, whilst also stopping a deadly insurgency from seizing power!

Following on from the global mega hit 'Plague Inc.' with over 160 million players, Rebel Inc: Escalation offers a deeply engaging, strategic challenge inspired by the complexities and consequences of modern counter insurgency. It has received acclaim from international development experts and was even featured at a major international peace conference!



James Vaughan, CEO of Ndemic Creations said,
"I’m incredibly proud of what we have achieved with Rebel Inc: Escalation. Just like Plague Inc., it offers an enjoyable, accessible and intelligent look at an incredibly complicated real-world issue."

H.E. Said T. Jawad, Ambassador of Afghanistan to the UK said about the game:
Rebel Inc. is sophisticated and engaging. It shows the complexity of war and insurgency with interesting options to achieve success through stability and peace."

Throughout Early Access, a series of massive free updates were added to Rebel Inc: Escalation including Campaign, Multiplayer, Weekly Challenges and a Scenario Creator.

Rebel Inc: Escalation - 1.0 Features

8 regions to stabilise - Deploy to wildly different strategic environments, including the gentle farms of ‘Saffron Fields’, or the impenetrable forests of ‘Distant Steppe’. Work to defend the ‘Azure Dam’ from the Insurgency, or develop unique new strategies to counter the drug trade in ‘Opium Trail’.

8 unique governors - Each one with radical new abilities to master. Choose the ‘Economist’ to receive an entire year’s income in one go or the ‘Warlord’ to train a personal militia. Field an army of heavy armour with the ‘Tank Commander’, or tap into the black-market with the ‘Smuggler’.

Hyper-realistic - Inspired by Afghanistan, the simulation is highly detailed, containing real world development initiatives and an innovative representation of counter insurgency tactics. It has been praised by the World Bank and was even featured at a major international peace conference.

Campaign Mode - Conduct large-scale operations across multiple regions. Carefully manage resources and choose unique upgrades in a persistent world with 150+ Player Tactics, Map Features and Insurgent Tactics to radically mix up gameplay!

Multiplayer - Two multiplayer modes, Co-Op and VS. Take control of the Insurgency to try and topple the government in your opponent’s Region, whilst trying to stabilise your own! or Work together to simultaneously stabilise two separate Regions, sending soldiers and resources to your partner to achieve your goals.

Challenge Mode - Compete against the Steam Community on randomised Weekly Challenges, including an extra hard mode for the best of the best.  

Custom Scenarios & Scenario Creator - Explore a world of fresh new ways to play with community created Scenarios, or develop your own share them with other players via Steam Workshop. Who said Nation Building was hard?

Advanced civilian and military AI - Sophisticated narrative algorithms model the needs of local populations, while deadly insurgent attacks put constant pressure on your operation.

Gorgeous Graphics - Stabilise a beautifully rendered 3D world that responds to your actions and thrives as you provide jobs and services. Drone cams and civilian TV channels bring your operation to life and show you what's happening on the ground.


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