Plague Inc./ Rebel Inc. - The Year in Numbers

2019 has been an especially exciting time for us here at Office Zero, with the release of Rebel Inc., the unique and deeply engaging political/military simulation, and the seven-year anniversary of Plague Inc., the terrifyingly realistic pandemic simulation with over 130 million players worldwide. What’s more, is Rebel Inc. was named Google Play’s best indie game of 2019!


As the year comes to a close, Apple has shared it’s top paid apps of 2019, giving us a better idea of how our games have been doing around the world. We were already delighted to be ending the year with a viral Plague Inc. ‘Fake News’ update, as well as the critically acclaimed release of Rebel Inc. and Rebel Inc: Escalation under our belts. To have also topped Apple’s 2019 game charts is a real pleasure and an exciting way to end the decade.


Plague Inc. was one of the top 3 most popular games of 2019 in most of the world... (#1 in France, Italy and Spain, #2 in Australia, Brazil and Germany, and #3 in the UK and USA)



Rebel Inc. followed close behind as one of the top 5 most popular games of 2019 worldwide! (#3 in France, Italy and Spain)


If there's anything we've learned from these charts, it's that you still really, really enjoy destroying humanity... only now you also enjoy bringing stability to war-torn regions. Balance at it's finest!


We'd like to say a massive thank you to all of our players for your endless support and kindness. Without you, this wouldn't be possible. Now, we've got 2020 vision, and we can't wait to bring you more new and exciting Plague Inc. and Rebel Inc. content in the new year. See you in January for a full end of year report.


Happy holidays and a healthy new year to you all!


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