The Necroa Virus is upon us! (Mutation 1.5 live)

The Necroa Virus update went live on the App Store this week - if you haven't tried it yet, then update your game now to start infecting the world with zombies!


The update will be coming to Google Play the week of the 11th March and to the Amazon App Store shortly after that. (Android takes a bit longer due to testing requirements)

IGN do a video walkthrough of the Necroa Virus
The full update notes are below:

Plague Inc. Mutation 5 discovered – The Necroa Virus expansion pack

1. Special Necroa Virus plague type added, an aggressive, unknown virus with ‘extreme regenerative abilities’.
    - Prepare for a new, apocalyptic challenge with radical new gameplay, strategy, evolutions and graphics.
    - Use active abilities like ‘Zombie Horde’ in the battle against Z Com – humanity’s last defense against the dead!
    - Customise your Necroa Virus with 5 new genes

2. Key user interface enhancements:
    - New population percentage bar helps you see the status of a country.
    - DNA animation now shows how much DNA you are collecting.

3. Plague Inc. is now available in Spanish, Portuguese, French and Italian. It will detect your language automatically (or you can change language manually in settings (More languages coming soon!)

4. New events, news and achievements – can you discover the origin of the Necroa Virus

5. Performance improvements for all devices

6. Minor game balance / AI improvements / bug fix


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