Games to play whilst waiting for Plague Inc. Mutation 5

Good news – the Plague Inc. mutation (update) 5 is almost upon us and the Necroa Virus will soon be infecting millions of people near you! It will be available to play on iOS on the 26th Feb and on Android a week or two after that (assuming testing goes smoothly)



Whilst we wait, here are 6 games made by other people which I am really enjoying at the moment and recommend to you!

1. Battle of the Bulge

A wonderfully deep and complex turn based strategy game which oozes historical information. A boardgame at heart, this game uses technology to automate all the number crunching and allows the player to enjoy all the benefits of a complex rule set without any of the hassle. Has a great AI to play against but the real fun starts when you get into the multiplayer (same device and online). At $9.99 – it is more expensive than most games but well worth it if you like this kind of game.

Get this if you like deep, complex, turn based, strategy/board games with lots of rules 

2. SpaceTeam

A local multiplayer game – this is one of the best examples of a trend that is going to be big in the next few years. Friends all together using technology to interact and have fun in a way that is just not possible without technology! This bizarre and hard to explain game is multiplayer only and brilliant fun for groups. (2-8 people) Each player has their own iDevice and must call out instructions to other players whilst listening out for their own instructions. Games rapidly produce lots of shouting and laughing. The game is free so there is no excuse not to try it – seriously, find a friend and download this now

Get this if you have a friend with an iDevice and like to have fun

3. Letterpress 

A multiplayer, strategic word game that sees you making words to conquer a board. I love this game because there is no random element – it is a pure battle of intellect and you can’t hide behind an excuse of ‘bad luck’. The asynchronous online multiplayer works great and the only thing it lacks is ‘pass and play’ mode. It’s free with a useful purchase inside the game to unlock the full version (which I recommend getting)

Get this if you like word games and are bored of ‘words with friends’ 


4. Castle Raid

This is a great lighthearted, realtime strategy game due to its same device multiplayer (best played on iPad) Collect resources and build troops in an effort to destroy your enemy’s castle (also has a single player mode to help you learn). Requires thought, co-ordination and multi-tasking. Easy to learn but has a surprising amount of depth in it as you try to outstrategise your opponent. Costs $1.99 and worth every penny (cent :P)

Get this if you and a friend want a quick competitive game to play on the same iPad

5. Fingle

Another local multiplayer game – this clever game involves you and a friend using your hands to touch certain parts of the ipad for a specific time. Requires a lot of finger agility , co-ordination and ‘hand contact’. Costs $1.99 and is particularly suited to couples IMO.

Get this game if you are with someone and want to get closer to them…

6. Outwitters

A sophisticated multiplayer only turn based game which is a bit like a complex version of chess(but not really as it has fog of war, resources and lets you spawn more pieces.)The game has fantastic production values with brilliant graphics and sound. No single player but the pass and play / online asynchronous multiplayer are all you need. It’s free to download and you can buy other (asymmetric) teams inside the game if you want.

Get this game if you like strategic, turn based multiplayer games

I hope you enjoy them!


Disclaimer: All the games above absolutely did not pay me $532,985 each into my Swiss bank account to get included on this list

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