Plague Inc Mutation 13 Discovered - NEW Shadow Plague Expansion Pack!

The Shadow Plague is a major new expansion pack for Plague Inc. which sees an overwhelmingly powerful vampire try to take over the world and rule humanity. Unlike the normal game, here you control a single vampire in its mission to enslave all humans and bring in a new era of darkness. Can humanity defend itself against a powerful vampire attacking from the shadows?

The Shadow Plague is a sentient, mutagenic pathogen which triggers a powerful thirst for blood in its chosen host.

  • Consume humanity - Feed carefully to grow in power and transform into a monstrous bat to strategically set up lairs and shadow portals.

  • Emerge from the Shadows - Create slaves to worship your vampire and use Blood Rage to defeat the Templar who hunt your vampire as well as the WHO who seek to eradicate your pathogen

  • Cover the world in darkness - Master unique gameplay mechanics and strategies to help your vampire rule the world!

We have also added a number of BREXIT events into the simulation. Once the results of the referendum are declared - the player can use their disease to help influence the path the UK takes - creating conditions to allow a soft or hard Brexit - or even a terrifying 'brutal' Brexit. For people who would rather not leave the EU - there is also the possibility to turn back time and keep the UK inside the union instead!

Release dates:

We are working to get the update live on all platforms as soon as possible. The update is out now for iOS and we are working hard to release it on other platforms as soon as possible. Currently, we expect it will be coming to Android and PC next week and then console before Christmas.

I hope you have fun with it! :)

Stay Healthy

- James


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