Plague Token, DNA Marker, and Death Dice ComponPlague Token, and DNA Marker

Hello Backers! Here are the latest Plague Inc: The Board Game developments:

Digital Proofs - We have received the digital proofs of all the printed components of the board game from our manufacturer. From here, we are checking that all the wording, dimensions, and graphics are correct prior to starting manufacturing. Once we are happy - a pre production copy will be made - hopefully arriving to us in the next 3 weeks.

DNA Points Marker - Here is a 3d model of our new custom molded DNA Points Markers. They look great and feel study, which makes them suitable for stacking (if you catch yourself on the same DNA count as someone else). The markers will be manufactured in colors to match the different player colors.

DNA Point MarkerDNA Point Marker

Plague Tokens - These are still similar in shape and feel to the Plague Tokens you might have seen in pictures or videos, but they now have a Biohazard symbol molded in the top. This makes them much more appealing to look at, and their color will also be matched to the player colors. Note - the final mold will have a deeper indentation for the Biohazard than shown in the photo.

Plague Token

Plague Token


That’s all for now. If you have any questions, feel free to leave a post in our comments section. If you haven’t received the BackerKit survey yet - please private message us.

As always, stay healthy!



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