Help Stop Ebola Now - This Is Not A Game

The current Ebola outbreak in West Africa is directly threatening the lives and livelihoods of tens of millions of people as well as potentially impacting countless more around the world.

There is no cure and it has a high fatality rate but strong action now can prevent Ebola spreading exponentially and bring it under control. There are many global charities out there fighting Ebola and they need our help.

Plague Inc. is just a game but in the last two and a half years since its release, it has formed a community of over 35 million players around the world.  Together, we can be powerful and help make a difference.

As the developer of Plague Inc., I have made a significant donation and I hope that our community of players will join me and make their own donations as well.

Go to to donate to charities fighting Ebola. This is not a game, this is real life.

Facts about Ebola

Ebola is a serious and life-threatening disease - the current outbreak is the largest in history, and has impacted multiple countries in West Africa, with isolated cases spreading internationally. As of October 29th 2014, the CDC has reported over 13,000 total cases of Ebola, with total deaths at 4960.

For more information on Ebola, go to the CDC’s information page.

Why Plague Inc. is in a position to help

The current Ebola outbreak is highly concerning and recent cases have triggered a huge amount of public interest in the spread of infectious disease. As you would expect, this has been reflected in increased attention toward Plague Inc.

There has been a notable rise in downloads and player numbers  – weekly downloads rose by 52% recently to 430,000, and weekly players increased by 1 million to a total of just under 4 million (10th - 16th Oct compared to 26th Sept – 2nd Oct). This is the first time that real world events have influenced Plague Inc. downloads.

Plague Inc. has been out for over two and a half years and doesn’t include Ebola but its realistic infection models do let it engage and educate players on important issues linked to the outbreak.

As a result, I believe Plague Inc. is in a uniquely powerful position to significantly raise awareness of Ebola to well over 35 million people all over the world. In the last few months, I have been talking with a number of major global charities who are fighting the spread and impact of Ebola and I want to help them raise funds. As the developer of Plague Inc., I have made a significant donation and I hope that our community of players will join me and make their own donations as well.

How You Can Help

Go to to donate to charities fighting Ebola.

This link will redirect you to an Ebola specific donation page for a charity in your country which will give you more information about the charity and the work that they are doing, along with the impact your donation would have.

We are displaying a message with this link to everyone who opens the game.

You can also donate directly here:



Here are some examples of ways your money can help:

  • Cleaning kits, chlorine and disinfectant to prevent spread of the disease
  • Protective clothing such as gloves, masks, boots and gowns to help volunteers and aid workers
  • Training for communities on how to keep themselves safe and avoid the spread of Ebola

This Ebola outbreak is not a game. Even a small donation can make a real difference so please give generously and encourage your friends to do so too.


Full list of charities and donation pages by country:

AustraliaAustralian Red Cross
AustriaÖsterreichisches Rotes Kreuz
CanadaCanadian Red Cross
DenmarkRøde Kors
FranceMédecins Sans Frontières
GermanyDeutsches Rotes Kreuz  (previously link)
IrelandIrish Red Cross
ItalyCroce Rossa Italiana
NetherlandsRode Kruis
SpainCruz Roja Española
SwedenRöda Korset
SwitzerlandSchweizerisches Rotes Kreuz
UKDisasters Emergency Committee (DEC) (previous link)
USAAmerican Red Cross (previously UN Foundation)

All other countries - International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement (previous link)

Note – Ndemic Creations is not officially partnered or affiliated with any of the charities outlined above. It is raising awareness and sharing details of charity pages where people can make individual donations to charities.

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