Reflecting on the release of Rebel Inc: Escalation


It’s been over a month since the release of Rebel Inc: Escalation for PC, and the game is doing wonderfully- even getting to #5 on the Steam Best-sellers chart, (as well as #1 in the Strategy, Simulation and Indie categories). What’s more, almost ten thousand people simultaneously tuned in to watch us play Escalation on Steam Broadcast upon release.


To all those that have played, reviewed and shared the game; thank you- it’s been great reading your thoughts. If you haven’t reviewed the game yet, please consider doing so, as it makes a real difference to us. 


There are so many exciting things to come, and you can find a full roadmap of what to expect here. Until then, we’d like to take a moment to reflect on how the game has already escalated.




Since it’s release just over one month ago, we’ve updated Rebel Inc: Escalation seven times- almost two updates a week! Below is a summary of all major additions to the game thus far.


The Tank Commander

A week after release, the Tank Commander joined the governor team, introducing a brand new tank-soldier combat mechanics.


His experiences in combat have left him cigar-ed for life...


Tanks are extremely powerful but have limited mobility- making any mountainous map a much mightier challenge. Which brings us to...


Black Caves

Black Caves was released the following week, introducing a region infamous for its imposing mountain range and sneaky underground cave networks. 


Azure Dam

At 3 weeks, we released Azure Dam, Rebel Inc.’s most recent map. Here, players have to rebuild a vast dam to prevent catastrophic floods and ensure stability in an arid region. Protect vulnerable supply convoys en route to the dam site, but beware - Insurgents forces will launch aggressive raids to destroy them!



The Development Director

With the Azure Dam update, we released the Development Director. She is a skilled micromanager that deploys civilian experts to prioritise zones for development. The Development Director’s abilities are ideal for maps where specific regions require that little bit of extra attention for speedier stabilisation.


Reminder: Never mess with anyone donning a walkie-talkie.


The Game Balancing Update

After making Insurgent camp locations more predictable for players, camps became significantly more likely to spawn closer to areas of high hostile population or Insurgent controlled territory- making the player feel more in control without sacrificing the challenge.


Other minor tweaks include:

  • Various improvements to the appearance of the game, e.g.: Improved minimap styling, improved zone drone camera quality, new 3D tank models for soldiers with tank attachments.
  • Insurgent spawning algorithm further improved
  • Ensuring news items appear chronologically
  • Added restart button!
  • Continuously improved localisations(thanks for your feedback on these!)



Our Community

Our Discord, Reddit and social media have been buzzing, and as the community continues to grow, we’ve been building an obnoxiously large collection of Rebel Inc. related memes and art. Here are a few of our favourites!


Peace was never an option by justsomeguy1220



Everyone by Player_REDACTED


Operation Microsoft Paint by Laserbean1903


Final thoughts

Thank you for all of your support so far- it’s been integral to the success of the game. Still, we’re not done, so keep on playing and sharing your thoughts! There’s loads of new content we’re hoping to add to the game over the next few months, and your support makes it all possible.


Stay tuned…


The Ndemic Team


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